Words Lose Their Meaning

"Hey Strawberry! I need that compressor up and running now!" Nas' voice echoed in the room as it bounced off pipes, plates and other spare parts.

The short, brown-eyed girl in question briefly looked up from her work before shouting her reply. "There ain't no Strawberry here. There's only me, Bear."

Bear went back to her work with an intensity she didn't have before. Her face was set in a glare and every so often a growl escaped from her pursed lips. Though, as angry as her stance appeared, Bear was very careful with the equipment she was fixing.

After almost an hour of silent work, Bear replaced the panel and screwed it back on. She then proceeded to bang her head against the metal panel.

"This ain't the sight I wanted to see in here." Nas said, leaning against the doorframe. "You get my ship fixed?"

Bear glared at Nas. "What? You think I'm bangin' my head in celebration?"

"I wouldn't put anythin' past ya."

"I can't fix the compressor 'cuz I don't have the proper wires an' we can't get those 'cuz someone managed to get the bulls on our skin."

Nas smiled. "It was worth it. That goose was sun!"

"That goose was a bull! An' ya had to tap her."

"Just fix the essin' compressor thing."

"I can't! I've tried everything. I can't fix the essing compressor 'cuz the essing wires are essing ripped!"

"Then flip by the ripped wires."

"I can't. The wires that ripped were the ones I used to flip by the ones I took out for the LS."

Nas swore under his breath then turned around to punch the doorframe. "We are so Nova'd."

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