Prologue to Bringing the Dawn

There is a place on the open seas which is hidden from view. This place is not one where you will find the technology which is elsewhere in the world. It is a place which seems to be untouched by time and progress.

When this island was created, it was meant to be a sanctuary for all of the creatures in the world. And, truly, this island has fulfilled its purpose. All manners of creatures, magical and mundane, live on the island. Creatures which have become extinct in other parts of the world thrive there.

Humans have also made this island their home and have called it Innis Seun.

For many years, the people on the island lived in peace. But peace does not always last and an evil wizard made war against the people of Innis Seun and won.

Diabhol Dubh set up a harsh regime with even harsher punishments. Fearing the wraith of Diabhol Dubh, everyone did only what they were told to do, no more and certainly no less.

It was a bleak time for Innis Seun.

Living in the shadow of Diabhol Dubh, the people of Innis Seun lost all hope.

The only smile to be found anywhere was the one on Diabhol Dubh’s face. Diabhol felt that he had a lot to smile about. He had absolute power, all of the riches in Innis Seun, millions of people to do his bidding, and no one was threatening his reign.

However, there was one thing that was not in Diabhol Dubh’s favour. And, as these things happen to do, the one thing not in Diabhol Dubh’s favour was the one thing that could stop him.

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