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In a sad turn of events, I have decided to no longer update my livejournal. I found that, when I have my comments open, I get a lot of spam. I did toy with the idea of just closing off comments but I want everyone who reads my works to be able to comment on them. Therefore, all future posts will be solely located on my website http://aprobertsstories.wordpress.com/.

I will keep the livejournal online for an archives, however, I will slowly be moving everything over to the website or taking it offline.

Haikus inspired by D&D

Dragon takes a nap
Trolls decide to ambush camp
Grr grumpy dragon

Stealthy in the night
Sneak into enemy camp
Assassinate chief

Holy warrior
Lay hands to heal the wounded
Save the innocent

Orphan raised by guild
Taught to pick locks and pockets
Becomes an adventurer

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Riding The Night Train

It had been a long time since I'd seen her. Fifteen years to be precise. Back when we were kids growing up on the same street.

She was a different person then. She was a real sweetheart. She knew how to make a guy want her; and I wanted her. I wanted her real bad. Unfortunately for me, my family move away before I got my chance.

I never thought I would see her again.

But here we are catching the same train for different reasons. Her, because she wants to run away from her life. Me, because I'm being paid to follow her.

**A/N: This was written several years ago for a prompt community which is no longer active and which I cannot remember the name of. The two prompts that I used were "Riding The Night Train" and "It had been a long time since I'd seen her".

Prologue to Bringing the Dawn

There is a place on the open seas which is hidden from view. This place is not one where you will find the technology which is elsewhere in the world. It is a place which seems to be untouched by time and progress.

When this island was created, it was meant to be a sanctuary for all of the creatures in the world. And, truly, this island has fulfilled its purpose. All manners of creatures, magical and mundane, live on the island. Creatures which have become extinct in other parts of the world thrive there.

Humans have also made this island their home and have called it Innis Seun.

For many years, the people on the island lived in peace. But peace does not always last and an evil wizard made war against the people of Innis Seun and won.

Diabhol Dubh set up a harsh regime with even harsher punishments. Fearing the wraith of Diabhol Dubh, everyone did only what they were told to do, no more and certainly no less.

It was a bleak time for Innis Seun.

Living in the shadow of Diabhol Dubh, the people of Innis Seun lost all hope.

The only smile to be found anywhere was the one on Diabhol Dubh’s face. Diabhol felt that he had a lot to smile about. He had absolute power, all of the riches in Innis Seun, millions of people to do his bidding, and no one was threatening his reign.

However, there was one thing that was not in Diabhol Dubh’s favour. And, as these things happen to do, the one thing not in Diabhol Dubh’s favour was the one thing that could stop him.

And We're Off

The captain pulled the lever, turning on the propellers. The airship slowly began to rise into the sky, leaving behind the town where Barbara grew up. She felt a twinge of regret as the familiar streets began to shrink below her.

As the buildings faded from sight, Barbara let the tears fall down. She was halfway to the wheel, about to tell the captain to turn the ship around; when she caught sight of the small box Sarah had given to her before takeoff. The box she was to open if she ever felt homesick.

Barbara toyed with the strings.

There had been nothing in Sarah's directions saying the ship had to be out of the country before she could open her present. Granted, the country was large enough that it would take days before they reached the border. Sarah would have been cruel indeed if she made Barbara wait that long.

“Are you opening that now?” A gruff voice spoke from behind her. “I would think you could wait until landing.”

Barbara bit her bottom lip and looked at the captain of the ship. “Sir, I realize you don't know me as well as you know my companions. However, there was no set time on when I could open my present. In fact, the only stipulation was that I wait until we had left town.”

“No worries, I just thought you'd want to keep it safe is all.”

Barbara gave the captain a confused look. “Keep it safe? This is the safest airship in the country and the ship seems to hardly move. I believe it to be quite safe enough to open my present.”

The captain laughed as he turned the wheel causing Barbara to stumble and almost lose her hold on the present. As Barbara glared and made her way down to the passengers' quarters, the captain straightened out the airship.

Words Lose Their Meaning

"Hey Strawberry! I need that compressor up and running now!" Nas' voice echoed in the room as it bounced off pipes, plates and other spare parts.

The short, brown-eyed girl in question briefly looked up from her work before shouting her reply. "There ain't no Strawberry here. There's only me, Bear."

Bear went back to her work with an intensity she didn't have before. Her face was set in a glare and every so often a growl escaped from her pursed lips. Though, as angry as her stance appeared, Bear was very careful with the equipment she was fixing.

After almost an hour of silent work, Bear replaced the panel and screwed it back on. She then proceeded to bang her head against the metal panel.

"This ain't the sight I wanted to see in here." Nas said, leaning against the doorframe. "You get my ship fixed?"

Bear glared at Nas. "What? You think I'm bangin' my head in celebration?"

"I wouldn't put anythin' past ya."

"I can't fix the compressor 'cuz I don't have the proper wires an' we can't get those 'cuz someone managed to get the bulls on our skin."

Nas smiled. "It was worth it. That goose was sun!"

"That goose was a bull! An' ya had to tap her."

"Just fix the essin' compressor thing."

"I can't! I've tried everything. I can't fix the essing compressor 'cuz the essing wires are essing ripped!"

"Then flip by the ripped wires."

"I can't. The wires that ripped were the ones I used to flip by the ones I took out for the LS."

Nas swore under his breath then turned around to punch the doorframe. "We are so Nova'd."

Birth of an Empire

Jeremiah walked along the parapet, surveying the land. His land.

It had taken him a lifetime but he had done it. He was now the sole ruler of 27 moons and 10 planets. The entire solar system was his to do with what he pleased.

He scowled as snow fell on his ginger hair. The first thing he needed to do was get rid of this horrid weather.

The Fifteenth Year

The fifteenth year of life in the empire is by far the most terrifying. There is no
guarantee that you will be sleeping in your bed that night or that you will
even be alive to see the next day.

Once you turn fifteen, the recruiters start sizing you up for market. The come

around every few months taking anyone they want.

Onceyou turn fifteen, your choices are limited. If the recruiters want you, you

either go with them or you die.


No Man's Land

It is the year 158 of the empire. As of this moment, the empire consists of 10
planets and 27 moons. The empire is divided by an asteroid belt into the inner
empire and the outer empire.

Due to the large number of pirates and outlaws, few ships dare to cross the belt
without a sufficient number of guards on board. For this reason, the belt has
been called "No Man's Land" since the empire began.


Writer's Block: 9/11

Where were you?

Ten years ago our world was changed.

I was a grade 10 student at KISH, our intermediate and senior high school. I remember when the planes crashed into the towers because we were on break and when we went back to classes, our teachers told us the first tower had been hit. The class rooms that had access to tv's put on news programs so that we could know what was going on.

A world away, we were in a small province in a different country, but we still felt the aftershocks of the crashes.

Even now, ten years after the towers fell, the world is still dealing with the aftermath. Airport security has been upped since 9/11. People are still fearful and suspicious of the Islamic people. Wars have been fought and people have died. Politicians and Presidents have lied in order to wage these wars. People have become disillusioned and others have stood up stronger and taller than before.

I heard someone saying, not too long ago, that 9/11 had no affect on her. But considering what a large affect it had on the world as a whole, there is no way it could not affect her or anyone else living here.

For those who lost their lives in the attack and those who gave their lives to help with the aftermath, I salute you. Words cannot convey how much the world has grieved your passing and I hope that you are resting in peace.

For those who are still grieving and dealing with the loss that has accumulated since the 9/11 attacks, I pray that you will someday find peace.