A. P. Roberts (aproberts) wrote,
A. P. Roberts

Worse Than Buckley's

The day started early with the sounds of Barbara coughing. The previous day, when she had complained of a chill in the mid-summer air, Mamie had set up some blankets near the fire for her to sleep on. Unfortunately, Barbara was not sleeping.

"Are you feeling better this day?" Talbot asked her as he descended the ladder from the loft.

Her only reply was a sneeze.

"I suppose that is a good enough answer." He walked over to her and knelt down to feel her forehead. "You are quite warm, are you sure you don't want some of Mamie's remedy? It will help you feel better."

"It tastes almost as bad as Buckley's," she said, her voice scratchy and hardly above a whisper.

"Who is Buckley?"

"Someone from home." Barbara coughed several times before gaining control of her breathing. "He makes cough syrup and they say, it tastes awful but it works."

"Yes, well, it is the same with Mamie's remedy." Talbot walked over to a set of shelves and grabbed a cup and a ladle. He then went to the hearth where a pot was sitting just close enough to the fire to keep warm. Kneeling down, he ladled a spoonful of the muddy liquid into the cup.

"I'm not drinking that." Barbara shook her head and sneezed.

"Just one cup. It will help ease your coughs."

Barbara glared at Talbot, though the effect was marred when she fell into another coughing fit.

"Please Barbara? Just one cup and I will not bother you for the rest of this day." Talbot held the cup closer to her, willing her to drink the liquid. When she did not take the cup, Talbot held it up to her firmly closed mouth. "If you do not drink this, I will be forced to tell Mamie. She would be heartbroken to hear you refused the remedy that she made just for you."

"That's...." She started but Talbot poured the liquid into her mouth before she got another word out.

Choking, she drank some of the liquid but spat most of it out in her coughing. When she got her breathing back in order she glared at Talbot. "That was low Talbot. That was really low."

Smiling, Talbot went and refilled the cup before sitting back down beside Barbara. "Are you going to drink this cupful? Or do I have to trick you again?"

Barbara grumbled several swears under her breath but took the cup from Talbot and drank it. Her face twisted in a grimace as she swallowed the muddy liquid. "Remember how I mentioned this tasted almost as bad as Buckley's? I was wrong, it tastes worse, much worse."
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