A. P. Roberts (aproberts) wrote,
A. P. Roberts

Just To Talk

I went up to the old family homestead for a few days to write. I managed to write a few poems and a 1000 or so words on my story. This one I wrote when I was thinking about my ex-boyfriend and listening to country music.

I wanna dial that number
Just to hear your voice
But that ain't gonna happen
Because we've made our choice

Besides what would I say
If I had you on the line
"Hey hows it going?
Yeah I'm doing fine."

Then you'd ask me why I called
And I'd say "Just to talk"
You'd give a little laugh
And say "Talk about what?"

We could talk about who
We could talk about where
We could talk about anything
I don't care
I just wanted to call you up
Just to talk

It's been a few months
Not a very long time
But a lot has happened
You're gonna find

I've moved on with my life
I've made some plans
Turned one year older
And I've made new friends

But enough about me
Lets talk about you
Tell me what
You've been getting up to

And you'll say not much
Same old, same old
As I'm sure you've heard
As I'm sure you've been told

I'll say I've seen you around
Every now and then
But I still don't know
What's been happenin'

And you'll say there's no point
In me holdin' on
It's too late now
You're already gone.
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