A. P. Roberts (aproberts) wrote,
A. P. Roberts

In Front of Your Nose

I said it when Talbot first introduced me to Sheehan, and I still stand by my thought. There is something there. They are not just friends.

Of course, neither of them can actually see it. Talbot is convinced Sheehan sees him as a friend or like a brother. I don't know how he can't see that she is absolutely one hundred percent in love with him.

When Talbot leaves me with Sheehan and goes to do chores around her farm, Sheehan asks me questions about what he's like at home. She wants to know everything about him but she already knows more than I do. When I tell her that, she starts talking about these “sweet” things that Talbot has done. I always make her stop before she goes on about how handsome Talbot is. I mean, I have to live with the guy and pretend he's my brother, I just don't want to know these things.

And then Sheehan will ask me if Talbot ever asks about her. As if he could go a day without saying her name.

Honestly, he goes on and on about her when she's not there. Talbot has told me how pretty and kind Sheehan is. He waxes poetic about the way the sunlight shines on her hair or how her eyes sparkle when she laughs. It is borders on nauseating and sometimes crosses over.

One of these days, I'm going to lock them in a room together and tell them to go at it. Or maybe I should just tell Mamie and get her to do something about it. Then again, Mamie probably knows already. That woman doesn't miss a thing, unlike her son.

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