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The Books

Wilfred walked into the workroom rather quickly as he was running 2.36 minutes behind schedule. “I'm terribly sorry for being tardy, Merlin...” Wilfred cast a bewildered glance around the room. Merlin wasn't there.

“Merlin?” Wilfred shrugged when there was no response. Sitting down at his desk, he pulled out the papers he was in the process of reading through.

Wilfred was so involved in the whos and whys of experimental conjuring that he didn't notice when Merlin came in carrying a rather large package. That is, he failed to notice Merlin until the package was dropped on the paper he was currently reading.

“What is this?” Wilfred asked as he poked the package. “And why is it on my desk, Merlin?”

“It is a package that was sent to you from your family. Goodness knows why they would send something so large through the messenger system. It would have been easier for them to bring it themselves.” Merlin walked toward his on desk and began to pull out his translations.

Wilfred didn't move from his seat to open the package, nor did he go back to his work.

“Well, boy? Are you going to open it or sit there like a newborn?” Merlin's voice came from behind several sheets of paper.

When Wilfred failed to move or make any noise, Merlin put down his papers and walked over. “Child, there is nothing to fear from a package. You have seen me receive them many times. The only difference now is that the package is for you. Now, will you please open the package and assuage my curiosity?”

Wilfred seemed to snap out of his trance and slowly began to unwrap the package. First he untied the string and removed that. Then, he slowly unfolded the paper and opened it up. Lying beneath the paper was a beautiful journal bound in leather.


The leather journal remained empty for many years.

Occasionally, Wilfred would open up the journal and caress it's pages. He would fill a pen with ink and hold it over an empty page. But he always stopped before he wrote down anything.


Merlin was the one who came up with the idea. Wilfred just supplied the book to house the information.

It was simple really. Using spells and enchantments, create a store of information. The book would have to be sentient and able to grow in page number. And they would have to find a faster means of recording the information than merely writing it in, page by page.

Excitement grew as they made plans and found enchantments. If this worked. If this really worked, they would have access to all of the world's knowledge.


It took fifteen years of planning before they were ready to enchant Wilfred's leather journal.

It took another nine and a half years before they finished all the spells and enchantments.

After all that time spent on the journal, they felt it would be a shame to have to share this treasure trove of knowledge. They spent three years figuring out how to magically copy the journal without losing the enchantments.

To avoid confusion, it was decided the books would have different names and they would change the colour of the covers.

One book was to be coloured a very dark, almost black, brown. It was to be called the Leabhar de Oidhche. The other was to be coloured a very light brown and was to be called the Leabhar de Solas.
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