A. P. Roberts (aproberts) wrote,
A. P. Roberts

Last Stand

Looking back, I suppose that it had to end like this. There was no way around it. I never saw it at the time but you cannot be different without facing the consequences. I just hope I faced them with as much strength and courage as I could.

First it was the accusation in the town square. Then the public jailing, or should I say, caging. And now, the burning. My burning will take place in a private area so that my "evil" won't transfer over to the people.

Truth be told, I didn't think it would turn out like this. I'm not evil. I use my powers to heal people. I don't hurt them. At least, I try not to hurt them.

But that's what happens when you're different. People think that you are evil. They think you are a bad person. They get scared and feel the need to get rid of what scares them.

They are afraid of me. They are afraid of what I can do. They are afraid of my knowledge and use of magic. To rid themselves of that, they need to rid the world of me.

I can hear them coming. The sun hasn't risen yet but that doesn't matter. I see them grab the rope that binds my hands. I feel them start to pull. I try not to stumble but its hard. They yank me up every time, pulling harder. The rope cuts into my skin, drawing blood but that is of no matter as we have arrived.

The sun is coming up and I can see the area. The stake that is in the ground. The piles of wood they will use to fuel the fire. I can feel them push me to the stake and roughly tie me to it. They wait before adding the wood.

A chaplain comes out of the shadows. He walks up to me and asks if I have anything to say. He tells me to repent. They'll let me live if I repent.

I open my mouth but do not repent. Instead, I curse them. I curse them to find out what it is like to be wrongly accused. I cursed them to know how it feels to lose everything. I curse them and their families to die young and alone.

They laugh at me but as they pile on the wood and start the fire, it is me who is laughing. As the flames slowly consume my body, I am at peace. I try not to hurt people, but I will take a stand and fight back when they hurt me.
Tags: fantasy, flash fiction, short story

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