Writer's Block: 9/11

Where were you?

Ten years ago our world was changed.

I was a grade 10 student at KISH, our intermediate and senior high school. I remember when the planes crashed into the towers because we were on break and when we went back to classes, our teachers told us the first tower had been hit. The class rooms that had access to tv's put on news programs so that we could know what was going on.

A world away, we were in a small province in a different country, but we still felt the aftershocks of the crashes.

Even now, ten years after the towers fell, the world is still dealing with the aftermath. Airport security has been upped since 9/11. People are still fearful and suspicious of the Islamic people. Wars have been fought and people have died. Politicians and Presidents have lied in order to wage these wars. People have become disillusioned and others have stood up stronger and taller than before.

I heard someone saying, not too long ago, that 9/11 had no affect on her. But considering what a large affect it had on the world as a whole, there is no way it could not affect her or anyone else living here.

For those who lost their lives in the attack and those who gave their lives to help with the aftermath, I salute you. Words cannot convey how much the world has grieved your passing and I hope that you are resting in peace.

For those who are still grieving and dealing with the loss that has accumulated since the 9/11 attacks, I pray that you will someday find peace.


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