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A. P. Roberts

Element Stones Myth

Our world was created not by people or creatures but by the elements; Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit.

Earth. The soil which gives nutrients to the plants. The majestic mountains that beg to be climbed. The very ground beneath our feet.

Air. The wind which caresses our skin. That which we breathe to stay alive. The great expanse where eagles soar.

Water. The oceans where so many creatures dwell. The lakes and rivers where we wash our clothes. That which quenches our thirst.

Fire. The heat which warms our homes and our bodies. The hearth that we gather round to tell stories and sing songs. The light by which we see at night.

Spirit. The soul that is each and every creature. That which we call life.

The elements loved each other as dearly as they loved the world they had created. The elements also loved to take the form of their favourite creatures and roam the world, marveling at all the wonders that they made.

But, though they loved each other they began to fight. It started off small with disagreements over where to place things. They argued over volcanoes, lakes, valleys and mountains. They disagreed about which creatures to create. They even began to argue about which creatures should be able to use magic and what creatures should have which knowledge.

Soon, each element wished to control the world in their own way. However no one was willing to stand by and watch as the others ruled.

In order to solve this dilemma, they decided to meet in their favourite place, forest that was filled with magical plants and creatures. Each element came from a different direction to the meadow in the forest's centre. Each came prepared to do battle as they all knew they had gone far past talking.

They stood facing each other, then, all of them pushed their energy towards the others. They used all the magic they had to force the others back down but all of the magic mixed together. This mix of magic had an unforeseen consequence. All five elements began to fall asleep and slowly crystallize.

The years passed and dust has been blown over the crystal. The dust has been slowly turned to stone by the sun and rain. But while the elements are asleep in the tombs, they have not died. It is said that those who are pure of heart can briefly awaken the stones in order to gain control over the natural elements.
Tags: fantasy, flash fiction, short story

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